Where There's Life (1947) - A Bob Hope Post-War Comedy

Not many heros play the damsel in distress in their own films, but Bob Hope often does. When it's not Bing Crosby getting Hope out of scrapes, the leading lady must save his bacon.

In Where There's Life (1947), the princess charming riding in on her white charger to preserve Bob Hope from a fate worse than death, or something, is Signe Hasso who plays General Katrina, commander of armed forces for the fictional European country of Barovia.

General Katrina goes on a mission in New York to find the heir to her country's throne before a shadowy terrorist group - the Mordia - usurps the crown. Enter Michael Valentine (Hope), an American radio announcer who is not aware of any royal  ancestors. The general has a tough time convincing Michael to return to Barovia with her. She is racing against the clock since the Mordia have discovered who Michael is and seeks to kill him.

In the meantime, the general's usual military coat gives way to silks and satins, and her nondescript hairdo makes way for the sheen and luster that only an experienced Hollywood hair dresser can give her. "Hot Lips" Hope makes the moves on her despite being engaged to Hazel (Vera Marshe) whose brother (William Bendix) thinks the groom is insane.

It's a fun little film, with just enough danger to keep you interested. (Seriously, the Mordian costumes are chilling.)

Another great Bob Hope film from the 1940s with a similar theme of Hope's caddishness in the face of danger while a beautiful and composed female does most of the work is My Favorite Brunette (1947) with Dorothy Lamour. (Actually, almost every Bob Hope film has this scenario.)


  1. "My Favorite Brunette" is a regular saturday afternoon favorite at our house!

  2. Hiya Java!
    I haven't seen this film but I have seen My Favorite Brunette. (I love Lamour and Hope together!)

    Thanks for bringing this one to my attention. I'll add it to the list. Always nice to see Hope in something where he's not 'on the road'. ha ha

    We all think of Hope as just a comedian but he had quite the acting range, talent for any genre.

  3. Bob Hope always finds a way to tell these ladies that they are odd.

    I think in My Favorite Brunette he tells Carlotta that she's snapped her cap or something.

    In Where There's Life he tells General Katrina, "Your straightjacket is showing."

    He's hilarious! I'm glad you all like him too. :)


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