Java's Fabulous '40s Marathon

The Classic Movie Blog Association is hosting its first blogathon of the year -The Fabulous 1940s, in which its members review movies from the 1940s from Feb 17th  to Feb 22nd. Java's Journey is participating as well as over 35 other members of ClaMBA. Click here to sign up or to see the list of titles and participating blogs.

Since the blogathon runs for only a week, yours truly will challenge herself to write something about the 1940s every weekday during the month of February. We'll call it Java's Fabulous '40s Marathon.

Here's Java's general schedule:

Mondays - Musicals
Tuesdays - Drama
Wednesdays - War/Westerns
Thursdays - Thrillers/Adventures/Historical Epics
Fridays - Fashion or Comedy

Java's Journey is careful not to write about any of the movies already scheduled for the  ClaMBA blogathon during that week.

Ok. Ready, Set...


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