Diamond Horseshoe (1945) - Musical with Betty Grable and Dick Haymes

 Musical Monday

A show business veteran believes his son's infatuation with a musical performer will prevent the son from becoming a physician.

Diamond Horseshoe (1945) is a musical drama that tugs at your heart strings. Dick Haymes uses his amazing vocal abilities not only to croon, but to plead gently with his father (William Gaxton) for understanding - Joe Jr. (Haymes) wants to quit medical school and join the family business as a singer.

Joe Sr. blames Jr.'s marriage to show biz nemesis Bonnie Collins (Betty Grable) for this upset in the family plans and seeks to destroy her.  Gaxton's performance is fairly chilling.

The question is which path will the son follow?  And will Bonnie alter her pre-marriage career plans to support Joe Jr.? You never know to the very end.


Diamond Horseshoe is based on a Kenyon Nicholson  Broadway play called The Barker which ran for six months in 1927 and starred Claudette Colbert.

Betty Grable made her Broadway debut in DuBarry Was A Lady (1939-1940) which led to a movie contract.

Dick Haymes plays an uncredited role as a member of the Pied Pipers, singing "Esquire Girl" in the film DuBarry Was a Lady (1943).

Find more Haymes and Grable musical fun in The Shocking Miss Pilgrim (1947).


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