Pin Up Girl (1944) with Betty Grable

 Wartime  Wednesday
Pin Up Girl (1944) is the movie where alluring movie star Betty Grable makes like Clark Kent and becomes unrecognizable in glasses.

Missouri canteen "it" girl, Lorry (Grable) wants to join the USO, but ends up working as a secretary in a government office in D.C. While on the town, Lorry pretends to be a famous entertainer and finds herself at the best table in town with decorated Naval hero, Tommy Dooley (John Harvey). She sings a provocative, upbeat song which everyone in the place loves, including her date. Tommy spends the rest of the film trying to meet with her again, relaying messages through a secretary that he doesn't notice is a dead ringer for the woman he's looking for because she's wearing those glasses, you see.


Oh, c'mon! The woman is not a gorgon; she's just wearing spectacles!


As was common for war musicals, the studios would shove in as many stars and spectacular routines as they could; something to please everyone in the audience. These films were shown at home and abroad, to civilians and to the troops.

In Pin Up Girl we pause the plot for, among other numbers, a moment with the Charlie Spivak band, a roller skating number, a few songs with Martha Raye (I enjoy this comedienne in anything.) and a relentlessly impressive formation with two platoons from the Women's Army Corps.

Lorry reprises her song, this time in her glasses and pencil skirt from the office (which somehow makes the song even more provocative). Will Tommy recognize her? He still looks confused to me.


  1. Java,
    I love films about the USO and Betty Grable made the perfect pinup girl. She was adorable in those glasses too.

    A fun review!

  2. Great review! I loved your comment about Betty Grable not being "a gorgon; she's just wearing spectacles!"

  3. Well, to be fair to "Tommy," as his secretary, Lorry also wears her hair in a tight bun...the 40s equivalent of suggesting that she's a cold fish, from a social perspective....a personality trait given added impetus by her "spectacles." lol!

  4. Betty Grable is gorgeous! How could he not see the resemblance just because she wearing glasses and a bun? It's ridiculous... and I love it!

    Thanks, everyone.


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