Helping relatives move. Eating sandwiches while sitting on folding chairs. Reminded of Lauren Bacall in Millionaire playing solitaire on a card table after she's sold all her furniture. [William Powell is totally wasted in the film. Not inebriated; I mean underused.] Of course, Bacall is wearing couture in her empty apartment and I'm... well, not.

So this post is simply an excuse to stare at Bogie's wife, since I'm in a Bacall mood.
Glamorous actress in empty room

On the set of Millionaire

The eyes have it.

Applause - In which Bacall takes on Bette Davis' role as Margo Channing set to music.

One of my favorites of her costumes. This is her intro outfit in Murder On The Orient Express

Relaxing while gorgeous


  1. "How to Marry a Millionaire" is one of those glitzy, glamorous '50s films I watch every so often just for the pure pleasure of it. MM, Bacall & Grable are all fetching in their very different MM ended up with David Wayne, though ("blind as a bat" is no excuse), is beyond me. But it was Bacall's film - and she had her pick of the two best "catches" in it (although Rory Calhoun was looking good). I've always loved that penthouse, that slowly emptying-of-furniture penthouse...

  2. Her hat in murder on the Orient Express is fantastic. Not a huge fan of the film (love the book) but what a great cast of actors it has.

  3. Lauren is my favorite, hnds down. Love the pictures! Makes me want to watch Millioniare....again.

  4. Bacall is one of my favs in fashion!

    Thanks, everyone.


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