Coming Soon! CMBA Blogathon: Classic Movies of 1939

Well, it's almost here, folks. Sunday May 15, 2011 marks the first day of a three-day blogathon produced by Page and Becky and sponsored by the Classic Movie Blog Association. We're concentrating on movies from (arguably) the most prolific year for Hollywood classics - 1939.

I'm reviewing Never Say Die starring Bob Hope, Martha Raye, Andy Devine, Gale Sondergaard... it's one of those ensemble comedy pieces that Paramount put out in the '30s. My review is slated for the third day of the blogathon.

You'll find the entire list of movies to be reviewed at the CMBA blog.

See you there.

- Java


  1. Oh how fun! The Theater that I work in now does only live stage productions, but back in the 1908 - 1937 it was an Opera House, and then in 1938 after a drastic Art deco remodel it opened back up showing "The Wizard of Oz" and the old Movie theater across the street had "Gone With The Wind" looking forward to reading. maybe blogging in this!

  2. You should definitely join in, Mick! I'd love to read one of your reviews.

    Thanks for the history of your theater. From the descriptions and photos of it on your blog, it seems like an exciting place to be!


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