Judy Garland v. Deanna Durbin - Two Weddings, Same Article [Update: John Fricke Dubs This Blog Post "Bizarre"]

In the Judy Garland v. Deanna Durbin battle, Durbin seems to win in the following newspaper clipping. The big deal is that film star Durbin has married again and Judy is about to do the same.

Does it seem that Judy is treated like an also-ran in this article?

You really cannot claim any bias on the writer's part, since he/she treats both events with scornful detachment. He lumps the two together, calls the whole shebang " Hollywood's latest romantic box score," then counts up the ex-husbands caught in their wake. The reporter is totally not a fan, since - unlike most of the other papers - not one line is wasted on what colors Durbin wore to her 2nd wedding - fans would eat it up!


For your perusal, I give you the San Jose Evening News, June 14, 1945. "Durbin Weds Producer; Judy Marries Tomorrow." [Who is this Tomorrow fellow Judy's marrying? Minnelli might get mad. (rim shot)]

Update July 16, 2012:
Judy Garland biographer, John Fricke, has read this blog post and says in the Judy Garland Message Board the following about Java's Journey in general and this post in particular :

Many thanks for the historical clipping, Willow -- not to mention the hysterical blog that shared it. That's one of the most bizarre "interpretative" postings I've yet come across where Judy is concerned -- and given fandom at large, that's saying something :)

To quote my father: What a hot dog!

Or, if one prefers a less personal, more universal (not to say Warner Bros.; badda-bing!) approach:

To quote Bugs Bunny: What a maroon!


Again, the clipping was great fun; thank you!


  1. It's odd that the article refers to Judy as "21 year-old singing star Judy Garland" when she had just celebrated her 23rd birthday on June 10th.

    I remember seeing a comment by someone like Louella Parsons or Hedda Hopper shortly after Deanna and Judy were married that it was cleaar neither of them had married her husband for his looks. Ouch!

  2. Writing this article was probably this reporter's punishment for some unprofessional conduct in some other area of the paper. He doesn't seem to relish the assignment, so inaccuracies will squeak by.

    Ouch! indeed. To be fair, I was surprised at Durbin's choices [especially her first husband] considering every Hollywood hunk within spitting distance is rumored to have hurled himself at the powerful woman.


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