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Simon & Schuster is offering a free copy of Marlene: Marlene Dietrich, A Personal Biography to readers of Java's Journey! This coming December 27th marks Marlene Dietrich's 110th birthday, so Charlotte Chandler's biography of the star arrives with time to spare.

Born Maria Magdalene Dietrich in Schoneberg, Germany, the husky-voiced, enigmatic film star has been the subject of definitive biographies, and memoirs by people very close to her.  Yet, there is still plenty of space for Ms. Chandler's contribution to the Dietrich canon, according to Kevin Thomas of The LA Times. Thomas notes that, "It hardly seems possible that there could be room for yet another important biography on so iconic a star as Marlene Dietrich.... [yet]....Chandler's slender but revealing volume ... complement[s] previous Dietrich biographies."

Pick up an early Christmas present or indulge yourself with a summer read by entering to win this book.

How To Enter This Contest
  • Send an email to with "MARLENE" in the subject line.
  • Include a name and a mailing address.
Deadline is June 1, 2011 at 11:59pm EDT. The winner will be chosen by random drawing and will be notified by email.

Book Details:
  • Published in March 2011
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster
  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Retail value: $26.00
While You're Waiting For The Verdict...
Check out some tidbits about my favorite Marlene Dietrich film, Witness For The Prosecution (1958).
  • Life Magazine published a blurb about Witness for the Prosecution on page 79 of their issue from Jan 13, 1958. It includes a full page photo of Dietrich and her famous limbs. Click here to read it. 
  • Turner Classic Movies has in-depth history of Witness for the Prosecution. It's one of their Essentials. According to TCM,  "Christine Vole was the only role [Dietrich] ever felt emotionally connected to because 'she's not only brave, but she loves her man unconditionally.'"


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