Quote of the Day: Dorothy Jeakins

"I can put my world down to two words: Make beauty. It's my cue and my private passion."
-- Dorothy Jeakins, costume designer for stage and films, including The Sound of Music (1965)


  1. I was thrilled to see your Photo and Quote on Dorothy Jeakins. She is my Aunt, and one of the most fabulous human beings I have ever known. I was so blessed to be close to her, and have the time I had with her. She was an unsung talent...her costumes, her paintings, her drawings, her home, her children, her Oscars...what an amazing, quiet life she led. I will miss her forever.
    Thank you!

  2. Anonymous,

    Welcome to Java's Journey.
    Thank you for providing a glimpse into Dorothy Jeakins' life behind the screen.

    I see you've commented on Dorothy Jeakin's costumes in The Sound of Music. I appreciate your contribution to her story.
    - Java


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