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" When I first heard 'Secret Love' I almost fainted, it was so beautiful. When we finally got around to doing the pre-recording, Ray Heindorf, the musical director at Warner's, said he'd get the musicians in about 12:30 so they could rehearse. That morning I did my vocal warm-up, then jumped on my bike and rode over to Warner's - we lived in Toluca Lake at the time, which was just minutes from the studio. When I got there I sang the song with the orchestra for the first time. When I'd finished, Ray called me into the sound booth, grinning from ear to ear, and said, 'That's it. You're never going to do it better.' That was the first and only take we did."

-- Doris Day, actress/singer, on recording the song "Secret Love" for the movie Calamity Jane (1953)


  1. Gosh, I think she Played the 'Girl Next Door' just a tiny bit better than Hudy Garland. Just look at that picture! How could you NOT want to be friends with her/ take her out on a date?!

  2. I'd say Doris Day played the Girl Next Door for a longer period of time than Judy Garland.

    In the latter's later films, even the light, frothy stuff, her tone of voice, her manner, everything seemed agitated, far from innocent and fresh. Her problems are well-noted.

    Doris Day seems, despite her personal problems, to have kept herself up physically throughout her movie years (no alcohol, optimistic outlook, etc.), and perhaps that helped maintain the illusion of her wide-eyed fresh-faced characters.

    Who knows?


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