Film Fashion: This illustration inspired Minnelli. Who's the artist?

Update 3/28/2012: The mystery is finally solved. Read this post for the conclusion:

Alright art mavens, costume fans and movie buffs, tell me who created this portrait. describes it as "French illustration of hat maker, wearing a turban, c. 1829."

The hat looks like a Tam o'Shanter, not a turban.

The inscription looks like "E.B. Philipe" or "C. B. Philipe" I could not find any information of any French artists or milliners of those names or their variations.

I found this illustration while looking up details on hat fashions for a previous entry. I bring it up only because it seemed very familiar... and then it hit me; it's the inspiration for Judy Garland's first dress in The Pirate (1948).

Tom Keogh is listed as the costume designer for that film, however, Vincent Minnelli (the director & husband to Judy Garland) is well-known for contributing to the costume designs for his wife's film roles. As we know, Minnelli is very detail-oriented and includes certain people, things, props and costumes in his films for a reason.

What could be Minnelli's or Keogh's reason for choosing this pattern for Manuela (the character that Judy Garland is playing here)? Maybe they just wanted something unique. Perhaps Manuela, who gets absolutely ecstatic at the mere mention of Paris, has seen this French drawing and has made a copy of the outfit.

Anyway, who's the artist? Does anyone have details?


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