Toast of the Town

Let's talk about some of the great classic movie blog information I've stumbled across lately. I'm calling it Toast of the Town for now - the first name of The Ed Sullivan Show.

  • Classic Movie Blog Tips - the series here on Java's Journey where we share tips to improve our classic movie blogs- will become an occasional series instead of  weekly. To read all of the tips click here.

  • The Judy Garland Museum had a grand Oz celebration during the week of the actress' birthday. I didn't know it existed. Clearly it's time for a (yellow brick) road trip.
  • Kimberly Truhler of GlamAmor is hosting another  film and fashion event at the Annenberg Beach House in Santa Monica on July 21st. The inspiration this time is Audrey Hepburn. How have I not known about this series?!
    What classic movie-related news or blogs have intrigued you in the past week?


  1. Thanks for including me, Java. I love the "Toast of the Town" name for this feature.


Thanks for your contribution to Java's Journey.


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