1 Tip to Convert Social Media Traffic to Your Classic Movie Blog

Twitter. Facebook. Pinterest. You link your classic movie blog to social media accounts to promote your blog. The idea is that this other group of people will then click on the link there and come to your world, your classic movie blog.

Bloggers often use social media sites solely as distribution centers. On Facebook, we place a link to our blog post about Cary Grant's earliest memories at the movies and wait for the people to come to our blogs. They do come, occasionally. However,  to increase that number, you must vary the content. You should not just link to your blog (that will bore or irritate your readers), but give them a complete thought right there on Twitter, for instance. Eventually, when they think of who can guide them through the world of classic movies, they will think of you.

How do you convert more traffic from social media to your blog? Create original content for that platform.

In this classic movie blog tips podcast (3 minutes, 55 seconds), I explain why you might consider this tip for your classic movie blog and how to apply it.

You may watch this video podcast below.

Listen to the audio version.

Download for later. Right click the link and click "Save Link As" : Classic Movie Blog Tips Podcast | Episode 1

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What are your social media tips? Comment below; let me know.


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