Father's Day Movies

Classic movies abound for Father's Day. Help yourself to this list.

Billy Mumy and James Stewart in DEAR BRIGITTE

13 Classic Movies for Father's Day
A list with links to great films you can buy to celebrate Dad.

Tyrone Power's Acting Lineage
Read about the actor as a father, his father, his father's father, etc.

The Long, Hot Summer
A review of a movie about a father (played by Orson Welles) whose control over the family could be ruinous.

In Search of the Castaways
Hayley Mills sets out to find her father in this Disney adaptation of Jules Verne's classic adventure story.

Dear Brigitte
James Stewart plays a caring father of a little genius (Billy Mumy) in this family comedy.

What is your favorite classic movie about fathers?


  1. My favourite movie fathers are Charles Boyer in "The Happy Time", Edward G. Robinson in "Our Vines Have Tender Grapes, Spencer Tracy in "Father of the Bride" and Alastair Sim in "Stage Fright".

    1. I haven't seen HAPPY TIME and I've only known Charles Boyer as a lover or a menacing character. It will be great to see him as a father. Thanks for the recommendation.

      No wait! I just remembered. Boyer was the father of Marius in the Leslie Caron film FANNY. I have seen him as a dad. Still, I need to watch something new. Thanks again.


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