What's There is Cherce: an ebook (free for the moment)

Most authoritative classic movie information can be found in physical books, museums, libraries or by speaking directly with the people who make the films.

https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B9Ya0AOEHTGUUEpjOHVWSWFRYmc/edit?usp=sharingThough the digital age is struggling to catch up to over a century of movie-making information housed in physical format, there are still more than enough classic movie databases online to browse and learn something interesting about the films we enjoy.

What's There is Cherce (click to download) directs you to online databases with information about classic movies that you may use to write a movie review, to support a school report or just to explore for your own curiosity.

The listed websites are in alphabetical order. There is a synopsis of the type of information to expect at each site. Note that this ebook(click to download) is not a list of where to watch movies online nor a guide for recommended movies.

What's There is Cherce (click to download) codifies movie-reviewing resources that we've discussed before here on Java's Journey and adds a few more.

There are fewer authoritative classic movie sources online than offline, but what’s there is "cherce."

Download What's There is Cherce.pdf


  1. Thanks very much for including Classic Movie Search with those big boys! Great idea, wonderful execution!

  2. Danny,
    Thank you. I'm glad to be of assistance.

    I used Classic Movie Search in prepping for this ebook to find official websites of the stars. Using the rest resulted in pages of nothing that I needed. However, Classic Movie Search retrieved what I was looking for on the very first page; it has earned its spot alongside the rest.

    Thank you for the mention on Twitter.



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