Follow Friday - May 10, 2013

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For regular links to fascinating classic movie information, visit  Laura's Miscellaneous Musings  and KC's  A Classic Movie Blog.

Laura Petrie in Color via Making Nice in the Midwest

Recreating Astaire's Spring Fashions in The Band Wagon via Eclectic Ephemera

Elizabeth Taylor and Her Car via Noir and Chick Flicks
2013 TCM Film Festival via Laura's Misc. Musings

Sonny and Cher's Movie Cars via Noir and Chick Flicks
Check out the entire, ongoing series of stars and their cars at Noir and Chick Flicks. It's under "Beep Beep'm Beep Beep Yeah."


  1. Java, Thank you so much for adding me to your Follow Friday post line- up!!

  2. You're welcome! It's a fun series you've got there.


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