6 Insects Named for Classic Movie Stars

Baeturia laureli and Baeturia hardyi are species of cicada named for comedians Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.

Norasaphus monroeae is a species of trilobite named after Marilyn Monroe for its hourglass shape

 A species of gall wasp uses Elvis Presley's last name (the genus Preseucoila) and his hit song "All Shook Up" (the species imallshookupis)

Rostropria garbo a diapriid wasp described as "a solitary female," is named for Greta Garbo, she of the famed "I want to be alone" line.

 Campsicnemius charliechaplini is named after Charlie Chaplin. These flies tend to die with their legs up in a bandy-legged position, similar to Chaplin’s signature stance.

A series of giant Hawaiian linyphiid spiders are named for Orson Welles.  Four are named for the actor's famous roles: Orsonwelles othello, Orsonwelles macbeth, Orsonwelles falstaffius and Orsonwelles ambersonorum.

More celebrity species


  1. Love this!

    Makes me wonder about a related topic: how many roses are named for classic movie stars? My dad has Ingrid Bergman roses in his garden.

    Best wishes,

  2. Too cute Java!
    I love Charlie's insect. It's quite colorful, as he was.

  3. Really clever, Java, and funny! Orson Welles' spider makes my skin crawl, but with her figure, I wish Marilyn's little bug had bitten me!


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