Come September (1961) - Comedy with Rock Hudson and Gina Lollobrigida

Come September is a Rom Com that is refreshingly aware of the genre’s conventions without becoming a parody.

Lisa (Gina Lollobrigida) and Robert (Rock Hudson) are two wealthy, gorgeous, international business people have decided to be each others’ arm candy only in the month of September. For several years they have met for one month in Lisa’s home country of Italy at Robert’s villa. 

This year, Robert returns early to the villa to discover that his major domo (Walter Slezak) runs the place as a hotel in his absence. Lisa and Robert’s frivolity is interrupted by a gaggle of  vacationing coeds from California (including Sandra Dee). Also jaunting about Italy is a jalopy full of American college guys ( led by Bobby Darin) who are attracted to the ladies and decide to camp just outside of the “hotel,” further aggravating Robert’s romantic plans with Lisa.

The film’s focus is all on the  movie stars, the location, the music and the clothes. It’s great!

Lollobrigida has several costume changes, with many gorgeous gowns, suits and night gowns by Morton Haack. My favorite outfit of hers is the one she wears when helping the teens set up camp. The outfit is blue denim capris, high heeled mules and a funky patterned blouse. How does she make even loafing-around-the-house-wear appear sophisticated and trendy?

And although Rock Hudson always looks great in a well-tailored suit, his best outfit in the movie is the  blue long-sleeved, v-neck summer sweater with white pants and canvas loafers. Effortless. Casual. Chic.

Bobby Darin authored the catchy theme tune.  And although it’s not a musical, the film finds a way to squeeze one song out of Darin‘s character.

Come September is a delightful hour of fun. Don’t miss it.


  1. Java, I enjoy most of the early 1960s comedies, though Rock was always best in his pairings with Doris Day. What makes COME SEPTEMBER special is watching Bobby and Sandra together. I think they met on the set and were, of course, subsequently married. After they divorced, Sandra Dee never remarried and Darin's second lasted only four months.

  2. Rick,

    I'm not up on my Bobby Darin trivia. Didn't know he remarried. I wonder if his widow is still around...


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