A Year Ago on Java's Journey

8 Fall-Themed Classic Movies 
Here you'll find a good list of movies to watch for the long weekend.

How To Murder Your Wife (1965)
This fairly misogynistic film has three good things about it: the tunes, the townhouse and Terry-Thomas.

Classic Movies on the Radio
When radio was king, adaptations of popular movies were all the rage. Java was just discovering these gems at the time.

Quote of the Day: Lucille Ball
One of Hollywood's favorite red-heads discusses the studio system.

Gene Kelly's 1958 TV Special
 In which Java discusses the star's special program, "Dancing: A Man's Game."

10 Random Movie-Related Facts about Java
For all those questions that have never been asked about Java, here are the answers.

Quote of the Day: Paul Newman
The legend discusses his loss of fame.


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