Signup for TCM's 2nd Classic Film Cruise! January 21-26, 2013

Turner Classic Movies will host another classic film cruise.  This time it's in 2013.

From the TCM email:

Join TCM Hosts Robert Osborne and Ben Mankiewicz for the classic movie adventure of a lifetime! You'll savor five days and nights on board the luxurious Celebrity Constellation—watching films, seeing the actors and talent who made them, hearing their stories from behind the scenes, enjoying special panels, and sharing it all with other passionate movie fans like you.

In addition to a beautiful theater, the Celebrity Constellation offers three dining rooms, the Café al Bacio & Gelateria, an ice-topped Martini Bar, a world-class spa, a full-service casino, and much more. There will be multiple TCM-themed daily events, nightly parties and numerous activities for every movie fan—all as you visit two beautiful islands!

The wind in your hair…the sea air about you…the silvery light of the big screen dancing in your glass—it's classic movie paradise at sea.

Visit today to signup for the Pre-Sale and get access to the best selection of cabins. And be sure to check back often for breaking news and special announcements.

Signup early at the TCM Classic Cruise Pre-Sale here: 

The Pre-Sale signup starts now and runs through Sunday 4/29 at 11:59pm EST. Beginning 4/30, all signups will be randomly assigned booking times, which may be used to book starting 5/3.

TCM shares a 2011 Film Cruise Photo Recap here:
Read about the previous TCM Film Cruise here: Hitchcock Stars Add Glamour To Film-Buff Cruise


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