Guess that Actor! Guess that Movie!

Do you notice when the same prop pops up in different movies? I usually don't, but I've watched these two films for the first time within 24 hours of each other.

Two different actors in two different films hold a pulp fiction crime drama called "He Stooped To Kill."

 Who are they? In which movie is each playing?

Click here for the answer:


  1. That's very strange -- I left a comment, but I don't see it. Anyway, I wonder if the first picture of Jack Lemmon is from The Apartment. I don't recognize the second one.

  2. Well, that's Jack and I think the movie is "The Notorious Landlady".

    I don't know who that woman is in the second picture, but she looks like a combination of Joan Bennett and Ruth Hussey.

  3. The first picture is Jack Lemmon in the Movie called "Phffft" He reads the book in the first scene in the movie. He starred in this movie with Judy Holliday, Jack Carson and Kim Novak.

  4. Claire Fleur,
    You are absolutely correct! Here is the post with the answer to the other photo.

    Thanks for dropping by, everyone!

    - JAVA


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