Guess That Actor! Guess That Movie! Answers

Great guesses, Caftan Woman and ClassicBecky!.

The first photo is of Jack Lemmon. The movie is Phffft! (1954), about a divorced couple who'd rather not admit they'd like to remain together. Lemmon here is ignoring his wife (Judy Holliday).

With a movie title like Phffft!, I'll bet ticket sellers all over the country were drenched regularly whenever anyone asked to buy seats for this film.

The second is another Columbia Pictures movie released a year later - Tight Spot (1955). It stars Ginger Rogers as a convicted felon who must testify against a mobster. The lady in the photo is Katherine Anderson who plays Ms. Rogers' prison guard.

Ms. Anderson worked in exactly two films and four TV episodes before retiring from the screen. She has an uncanny resemblance to Joan Crawford, with whom she plays in Queen Bee (1955).


  1. Boy, oh, boy! I've got a tape of "Tight Spot" in my collection. Obviously, I haven't watched it in a long time.


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