Natalie Wood (and other celebrities) at the beach

Play "Spot The Celebrity" with Roddy McDowell's home videos. It's a cornucopia of famous faces in beachwear! A documentary company claims that McDowell himself gave them his 1960s home movies of stars at leisure. That production company, Soap Box, has uploaded a few of these silent homemade films to Youtube.

Here Natalie Wood and companion [I know that face. Who is it?] have a chuckle after Natalie gives the international sign for "you're number one" to the camera.

Did I mention that Ruth Gordon, Jane Fonda and James Fox are there? And is that Christopher Plummer under Lauren Bacall?

I'm not sure who is the lovely young lady in the terry cloth coverall, but she's given me an idea for pool wear this year.

Suzanne Pleshette looks fetching as ever in white striped Capri pants and sandals. Glamorous..
...and then playful as she sticks out her tongue.
Away from the crowded beach house, Julie Andrews catches waves with her daughter.
I'm also taken by McDowell's simple demarcation of the date. He writes on or in whatever is handy - the sand or what not.  My favorite so far is the "May 9, 1965" date stamp because it's on what would now be considered a cute and kitschy box of Kleenex.

I've embedded one video to tantalize you.  Now, go! Explore these rare films on Youtube! Summer cannot come soon enough.


  1. What fun to see Hollywood Royalty on their days off :)

  2. You're so right! It is fun! I cannot believe I've only just found these!


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