10 Classic Valentines Day Movies

Marital Bliss
The Thin Man Series -  William Powell and Myrna Loy play a husband and wife sleuthing team whose rapier-sharp wit and playful banter will have you smiling the entire time.

Too Many Husbands (1940) - Remarried Jean Arthur plays an unintentional bigamist when her long-dead husband, Fred MacMurray, returns home. [See also My Favorite Wife (1940) and Move Over, Darling (1963)]

 Puppy Love

That Certain Age (1938) - Jackie Cooper may lose the girl next door (Deanna Durbin) to an older man (Melvyn Douglas).

Rich, Young and Pretty (1951) - Wendell Corey worries that his teenaged daughter (Jane Powell) is making a mistake romancing Vic Damone.

Love During War

The Clock (1945) -  He has a 24 hour leave, she has a lot of love to give. Robert Walker and Judy Garland give stirring performances in this WWII drama.

The More The Merrier (1943) - Charles Coburn plays cupid between his landlady, Jean Arthur, and  Army draftee Joel MacRae.

Quirky Romances
How To Steal A Million (1966) -  Audrey Hepburn falls for an intruder in her house - Peter O'Toole.

Tom, Dick and  Harry (1941)  - Ginger Rogers is engaged to three fellows played by Burgess Meredith,George Murphy and Alan Marshal. Which one should she choose?

Bringing Up Baby (1938) - An irritating heiress (Katharine Hepburn) pursues a befuddled paleontologist (Cary Grant).


  1. You should box this collection of 10 films up!

  2. Ha! These should be box sets! If only I had the copyrights... :)


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