Steve McQueen: The Unseen Photos

Life Mag
Prepare to drool, McQueen fans! Life Magazine has released 20 never-before-published photos of the shaggy-haired maverick himself. They were all taken by John Dominis during a three-week stint with the film star and his family just as his career was on the ascent.

Yours truly is not a car buff, but thanks to a little English car show I can appreciate the vehicle the movie star is driving in photo number two. It is to die! Gotta get one of those Jags! Having Steve McQueen in the driver's seat makes it all the more cool.

My favorite of the photos is that of the actor and his wife, Neile, casually shooting things in the desert. What an awesome couple!

See the photos at Life Mag website.

By the way, either Brad Pitt or Jeremy Renner will play the racing car rebel in an upcoming biopic. And, if you didn't already know it, Steve McQueen is cooler than you.


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