This Week in Classic Movies on the Radio, Nov 14 -20

11/15  - Remember The Day - Screen Guild Theater (click here to listen)
  • Year: 1943
  • Starring: Olivia de Havilland and Walter Pidgeon
  • Genre: Drama 
  • Summary: A schoolteacher recalls a scandal from many summers before. 
  • Line that had me laughing: “I just happened to be staying at a lake about 210 miles from here, so I thought I‘d drop over.”

    11/16 - Carmen Jones - Ford Theater (click here to listen)
    • Year: 1947
    • Starring: Murial Smith, Luther Saxton, Elton J.Warren
    • Genre: Musical Drama
    • Summary: Oscar Hammerstein’s contemporary, English language reworking of Bizet’s Carmen
    • Trivia: The first complete radio performance of the Oscar Hammerstein play. This play would be adapted for a film released in 1954, starring Dorothy Dandridge and Harry Belafonte.
     11/20It Started With Eve  - Lux Radio Theater (click here to listen) 

    • Year: 1944
    • Starring:Charles Laughton (reprising his film role), Susanna Foster and Dick Powell.
    • Genre: Comedy
    • Summary: To please his dying father, a man pretends to be engaged to a hat check girl. But the father might not die after all.
    • Trivia:  Susanna Foster takes the radio version of  Deanna Durbin’s role in the film. The year before, Ms. Foster substituted for Ms. Durbin in the Phantom Of The Opera (1943) when the star refused the role.


    1. IT STARTED WITH EVE is a great comedy film with an excellent performance by the gorgeous Deanna Durbin. FIVE STARS.

    2. EVE is my favorite of Deanna Durbin's films. This is one movie in which her leading men (Charles Laughton and Robert Cummings) are not overshadowed by the naturally magnetic presence of DD.

      It's lovely to have that even weight in the leads; it helps the audience to concentrate on what wonderful performers they are instead of being distracted by an off-balance match.

      John McElwee at Greenbriar Pictures blog has recently written a nice blurb about DD here
      Spreading More Deanna Love


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