Doris Day's Recent Interview

This must be Java's week for studying reclusive stars with double D initials. Actress, singer, activist, entrepreneur Doris Day graciously consented to be interviewed by WNYC music host Jonathan Schwartz last month after many years of having eschewed the limelight (at least where her movie and singing careers are concerned).

WNYC Culture Producer Abbie Swanson notes:
Day shares with Schwartz, among other anecdotes, how a car accident curtailed her stint as a dancer, why she turned down the lead in the movie "South Pacific" and the time Frank Sinatra came to her defense at a birthday party.
Raquelle from Out Of The Past blog notes:
[The interview is] like you stopped by her house and she sat you down for tea and just talked about her life and career. It feels very personal...
Read the article and see the photos here: Celebrating Hollywood Legend Doris Day

Listen to the interview at WNYC or below:

H/T Raquelle


  1. Watched Teacher's Pet the other day. In it, Doris is 36 and Clark is 57. Genre romantic comedy and with the age differential, a little creepy.

  2. There's a definite stalker element in the film that's supposed to be charming but unnerves me a bit. There are several shots from Jim's POV as he watches DD wiggle her (ahem) back.


    Doris Day's later comedies seem to watch her play innocent while a guy pretends to be what he's not in order to seduce her.

    Gable is hilarious though.

    You've got me wondering what the film would be like with an older lady in Doris Day's part. I could see a more seasoned professor locking horns with the world-weary, self-educated reporter.

    Indeed, one thing which bothers me about the Day character is how easily ruffled she seems in Jim's presence. It's almost instantaneous. This may be due to the age difference, or perhaps the natural reaction of acting with the King.

    Still, I could see, say, Myrna Loy (who would have been in her 50s and with the pitch-perfect attitude) not being flabbergasted so quickly.

    Yes, an older woman would have done nicely in that film.

  3. Thank you for mentioning my blog and quoting me. I hope you enjoyed the interview!

    I actually like Teacher's Pet and I didn't find Clark Gable creepy at all. In fact, there is one scene I really love:

    I wasn't aware of your blog! I'm definitely adding it to my reader.

  4. Hi Raquelle,

    I often discover some fascinating classic movies news from your blog. You're on my blog reader.

    Thanks for subscribing.

    And that caption of Teacher's Pet is hilarious! "Tackle" indeed! :) I love Clark Gable.


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