This Week in Classic Movies on the Radio - Nov 7-13

To listen to these radio plays, click the names of the theaters to go to the broadcast page at the Internet Archive

11/12 My Favorite Wife  - Screen Guild Theater
  • Year: 1945
  • Starring: Greer Garson and Richard Ney
  • Trivia: Greer Garson played Richard Ney's mother in her first Academy award-winning role and  his first feature-length film Mrs. Miniver (1942). The pair married in 1943.

11/13 - Magnificent Obsession - Lux Radio Theater
  • Year: 1944
  • Starring: Claudette Colbert and Don Ameche
  • Trivia: This is the radio adaptation of the 1934 film which starred Irene Dunne and Robert Taylor. Jane Wyman  and Rock Hudson would appear in the Universal Studios remake in 1954. Colbert and Ameche were working on the film Guest Wife (1945) at the time of this broadcast.


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