Watch Classic Movies for Free This Summer With Screen On The Green

It seems that Washington, D.C. has an annual free screening of classic films called Screen On The Green. The outdoor cineplex is on the Mall and shows the classics on four consecutive Mondays, beginning June 12th.

Their schedule includes 12 Angry Men, this year. That should be awesome to see on the big screen.


  1. I am SO jealous! 12 ANGRY MEN is one of my faves and I'd love to see it on a big screen (outside, no less).

  2. I'd like to see it myself, Rick29, but I won't be in the area at that time. Gotta love Fonda. :)

  3. Awesome! Hope you get a chance to make some of the shows!

    Chicago used to have an outdoor fest like this (for years) but they nixed it this summer for financial reasons, I guess.

  4. I wish I could.

    My neck of the woods isn't interested enough in Classic Movies to put on this kind of thing.

    But the good news is I'm always snagging those bargain bios at the book sales b/c no one else wants them. :)


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