Katharine Hepburn Graces a Stamp

Katharine Hepburn fans, movie mavens and stamp collectors,

The United States Postal Service has issued a Katharine Hepburn commemorative stamp. The USPS began selling it on May 12th. Said Postmaster General John E. Potter:
"Katharine Hepburn will be remembered for generations, for both her
unparalleled acting ability and being a role model for women who chose to live life on their own terms.”

Here's a list of over a dozen stars in their Legends of Hollywood Series :
  1. Marilyn Monroe (1995)
  2. James Dean(1996)
  3. Humphrey Bogart (1997)
  4. Alfred Hitchcock (1998)
  5. James Cagney(1999)
  6. Edward G Robinson (2000)
  7. Lucille Ball (2001)
  8. Cary Grant (2002)
  9. Audrey Hepburn (2003)
  10. John Wayne (2004)
  11. Henry Fonda (2005)
  12. Judy Garland(2006)
  13. James Stewart (2007)
  14. Bette Davis (2008) 
  15. Gary Cooper (2009)
  16. Katharine Hepburn (2010)
  17. Gregory Peck (2011)
  18. Charlton Heston (2014)


Update March 2014:
  • Charleton Heston will be added to the series in April 2014 at the TCM Film Festival.
  • USPS notice is here: http://uspsstamps.com/stamps/charlton-heston
  • TCM announcement is here: http://turner.tekgroup.com/article_display.cfm?article_id=6657&


  1. Yes it is, Tom. :)

    I feel compelled to buy a sheet of these stamps, but I'd just forget about them in some closet, so...

    Anyway, thanks for dropping by.

  2. really? No use? I still send out alot of notes and letters, so I bought several sheets and I'll use up a bunch, and save one sheet. I might frame it together with some of the other sheets I hve then hang it on the wall where I could at it

  3. I would feel guilty (!) using a collector's item and I'd never get around to framing them, hence the reason I seldom buy the stamps. It's really a shame. :)


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