Just Launched! Search Engine for Classic Movies

Cliff Aliperti, the author of a Classic Movies website called Immortal Ephemera on Things and Other Stuff.com, has launched a Classic Movies search engine.
"Basically it’s Google with all of the non-Classic Movie stuff filtered out." --Things and Other Stuff
This search engine would have come in handy the other month when someone on the blogosphere was looking up Disney's classic Fantasia (1940) and instead kept getting information on an American Idol singer.
"As of now there’s 113 sites indexed in our Classic Movie Search Engine. They include this site, my Warren William site and 111 others comprised of blogs and sites you’ll find in my blogroll on this page plus others suggested by Raquelle from Out of the Past, who gets a big assist for letting me bounce ideas of her as well as for her own contributions. The idea is to grow it from these 113 (awesome) sites though...." --Things and Other Stuff
Mr. Aliperti wants you to recommend some classic movie sites and blogs, even if they've been abandoned. Head on over there.

Thanks to Raquelle from Out of the Past for mentioning this.


  1. It really is cool, Sally.

    My only concern is that I can't put the search box on my blog instead of the regular google search box. But it's new, so I'll give it time.

    Be sure to recommend a site or blog. :)

  2. I'm honored to have my own "Carole & Co." as one of those sites.

  3. Hi VP81955,

    I've read some of your livejournal entries before. They are great.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  4. Ooh, I just spotted this post, thanks so much for spreading the word ... and for your submissions!


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