What 5 movie characters would you like to hang out with?

What 5 movie characters would you like to hang out with?

They can be villains or protagonists, supporting cast or the fly on the wall. Your choice.

In no particular order, mine are these:

1. I would like to talk to Batman about a few things. Tights and a bat suit? You're not some guy from another planet or who was bit by all kinds of weirdness; you're just an average man with millions! Quit with the cape already. And wearing your briefs on the OUTSIDE of your tights? I mean, really! We need to talk.

2. Mr. Bingley in any adaptation of Pride & Prejudice. Although Mr. Darcy's best friend would be too good to be true in real life, the actors who play this amiable man manage to make him seem so real (and so genuinely good). He'd be lovely to have around.

3. Jimmy Smith in Thoroughly Modern Millie. He has a zest for life and is looking for the next adventure. This character wouldn't be dull.

4. I would like to talk to a fly on the wall after Bill and Margo finish their argument off screen in All About Eve. What did they say?

5. Prof. Magenbruch in Ball of Fire (1941). S.Z. Sakall plays the gleeful professor with a slightly risque sense of humor. He would be fun.


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