A Hayley Mills Photoplay Interview from 1964

I have just found this wonderful Photoplay interview of Hayley Mills on the set of MoonSpinners (1964). The interview was conducted by someone named Julia Corbin, who seems to be a fan of the star.

This interview is a nice little snapshot of Hayley Mills' career at the time. Apparently her transition from tomboy to adult female was a bit disheartening to Ms. Corbin. Still, the interviewer was ecstatic about the star's future.
"...if there is any doubt that Hayley has grown up, her dressing room at Pinewood puts an end to that. For one thing, it used to belong to Elizabeth Taylor, and not in her child-star days, either.
Asked how she felt about occupying Liz' former digs she answered, optically, 'I just hope some of it rubs off on me!'"
Have a look. It's a fun read.


  1. Java, I just now saw this post with interview. Lots of fun! I am a big Hayley Mills fan, with my favorite pics being WHISTLE DOWN THE WIND and THE CHALK GARDEN.

  2. Rick,
    I've never seen those of her films (I've seen mostly her Disney fare), but I'll be sure to check out those two.

    Did you see the other interviews and tidbits of Hayley Mills on that site?


    Click the scanned pictures. Some of them have accompanying stories.


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