Classic Movies in Radio Theater

Popular movies were often adapted into radio shows in the early to mid-20th century.

These shows are now in the public domain and are made available to download at the Internet Archive, which is like a museum of all things internet.

Some shows were so popular (or so old that everyone had forgotten about them) that the producers would rehash the stories with fresh actors. I love comparing the actors in the remakes to the ones in the originals.

The producers would often try to get as many of the original actors to play his/her part on the air, like Meet Me In St. Louis with Judy Garland (orig. broadcast December 2, 1946) or Gaslight with Ingrid Bergman (orig. broadcast April 29, 1946).

Hour-long shows


  1. I love these! I listen to a "show" and night on my lap top before going to bed. I think its neat how the actors have to go that extra mile to paint whats going on, rather than just doing it on screen. Gas light is SUCH a good movie, that ending monolog of Ingrids' to her husband in the picture, sends chills up the spine EVERY time!

  2. I love listening to radio theater during long car trips or during exercise.

    About GASLIGHT, Ingrid Bergman is straight up frightening in that last scene and yet she's very funny. Brilliant performance.

    I often wished Doris Day had such a scene in MIDNIGHT LACE instead of just walking off into the distance at the end.


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