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Pouring through the draft section of my blog, I find a few bits and bobs of ideas here and there that seem amusing, tonally odd, or incomplete. Here is one. I have never published this blog post from 2014 until now. I'm not sure what I'm trying to say here other than that the VHS cover artist created a misleading cover.

Peter Lawford Snuggles with the Wrong Woman

I grew up with this VHS cover of Two Sisters from Boston (1946), starring Peter Lawford, June Allyson, Kathryn Grayson and Jimmy Durante.

It shows Lawford snuggling with Grayson, but there is a problem. If the cover artists bothered to watch the movie, they'd know there is no love connection between the Lawford and Grayson characters. In fact, Grayson has no love interest at all in this film.

Lawford gets paired with June Allyson [in what would become a very popular film duo]. This film cover has bothered me for years.

Then I ran across what seems to be a vintage poster of the film, in which Lawford is shown snuggling with each sister, inferring the two ladies like to share. Again, the naughty inferred trysts are not a part of the plot. The innuendo is meant to pull audiences into the theater.

 So, I give the newer artists a modicum of slack [Infinitesimally tiny.] if they used this old poster as a guide. But still, who would make such a huge error? It's aggravating.


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