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Comedian and filmmaker Jerry Lewis died Sunday August 20, 2017. Here's a roundup of Lewis articles featured here at Java's Journey.

The Bellboy (1960) - A review of the experimental film that was put together at the last minute to prevent the early release of his other film of the year - Cinderfella. The experiment works.

Dean and Me: a Love Story - Review of Lewis' memoir and 352-page love letter to Dean Martin. The book follows the comic duo's first meeting, how they teamed up, advanced through stage, radio, film and television, broke up, and reunited (sort of).

Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River (1968) - Review of an interesting battle of the sexes comedy. I was a bit more enamored of the credit sequence than the film, however.

Jerry Lewis is No Joke to the French (Montreal Gazette Jan 23, 1984) - This is a newspaper clipping that that has rattled around in the draft section of this blog for a long time. I'm finally dusting it off and offering it to you. It describes the honors bestowed on Lewis for his comedy. It further discusses why the French take Lewis seriously, and believes the U.S. should as well.

Living It Up (1954)- A review of  the Martin and Lewis comedy where Lewis mistakenly fears he's dying. Apparently, I liked it.

"You can't hold comedy back, because it needs to be exposed."- Jerry Lewis in a 2011 interview for GQ Magazine. He assesses the state of comedy and comedians in the U.S. and finds that it is going strong.

What are your favorite Jerry Lewis memories? Comment below; let me know.




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