The Experiment Concludes

.. and she limps over the finish line!

The experiment to blog 6 days per week about classic movies for one month is now over. Yours truly will return to weekly features.

The best thing about publishing every day for a blog is the routine, the rhythm you get into as you write. You look forward to getting up in the morning, finding something useful and informative, presenting it to your audience. Viewing the responses in the afternoon is also fun. Even when you're exhausted, habit takes over, and you begin to enjoy the process again.

You find yourself thinking of topics to discuss while in the car, the shower, the store - the same thing you always do, but more often.

The worse thing about publishing every day for a blog is the mental flogging when something goes amiss. Solution: write plenty of blog posts ahead of time and publish them piecemeal. That was my plan, but I simply didn't do it. I did enjoy having that rush of excitement every day, but the scheduled posts would have helped during the couple of times that I missed a day.

Here are the entries. Thanks for hanging in there.


  1. If these posts covered the films that you saw this month, then you view a nice range of films! My sister and I watch 1940s films predominately with a slew of Disney classics thrown in. This was a great experiment and you've encouraged us to post more frequently too! It is fun when you are in the "swing" of writing.

    1. Thanks, Metzinger Sisters! I'm glad to be of inspiration. Your comments have been helpful to me. Thanks for coming along on the journey.

      - Java aka Deborah

  2. You are awesome! Great choice of films (I am just catching up on lots of blog reading). Oh - and by the way - your blog looks fabulous.

    1. FlickChick, thanks for the compliment about the blog design. I'm always concerned about it, which is why the site went through an enormous number of changes this past year.

      I have used free themes from and tweaked the html here and there.

      I first asked myself what I wanted - a responsive theme, pictures on the landing page, sidebar, light color scheme. From there, it took months of cycling through choices of templates before I was somewhat satisfied.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      --- Java aka Deborah


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