Toast of the Town 2

Let's take a look around the web for classic movie talk, resources and blog posts.

  • The New York Times critic says the 2003 film, Lucy, a Woman Wronged "illustrates the pitfall underlying American culture's narcissistic obsession with childhood icons: in the surfeit of show business biographies, it takes a very big star to hold viewers' attention. Yet the bigger the star, the harder it is to get the movie biography right. "

  • Yours truly joined the TCMParty on Twitter for two consecutive movies. All you do is a watch a film that is playing on Turner Classic Movies along with hundreds of other people and make observations on your Twitter feed with the hashtag #TCMParty. It's a thrill to participate and make new friends. I don't have TCM on TV, so I simply popped in the DVD at the appointed time. Go to the TCMParty tumblr page for details. (They are not affiliated with TCM, by the way. They are fans.)

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