An Experiment

Inspiration for your classic movie blog can come from anywhere. (See 100 Classic Movie Blog Post Ideas for more inspiration.)

A new tactic for Java's Journey comes from a combination of ideas from Casey Neistat (a film maker and daily vlogger) and Brooks Palmer (a decluttering expert).

Neistat challenged himself to create a mini film every day, just to see what happens. Except for one attempt at a marathon about films from the 1940s, I've shied away from daily blogging about classic movies. Afraid of it.

Then I happened upon this Brooks Palmer article where the author challenges our clutter by asking us to let go of the appearance of perfection. Java's Journey doesn't appear perfect by a long shot. I make grammatical errors and typos all the time. But still I am afraid of daily blogging. Scared of the anxiety that comes when you think you've run out of something to say. Afraid that maybe other bloggers are correct and the quality will suffer (or suffer further).

I am still anxious, but I will attempt it anyway.

For the next month, I will publish a classic movie blog post 6 days per week (Sundays excluded). This experiment begins Monday September 7, 2015 and ends Wednesday October 7, 2015.

What's the most angst-driven thing you've done on your classic movie blog?


  1. Sounds like fun! My sister and I can be your daily audience. I wanted to up the number of articles that we post on a monthly basis too ( on Silver Scenes ) but I feel I just don't have the time to write a quality article every few days. It dawns on me now however, that some of the very best film writings have been quite *short*. If you have never read Halliwell's film guide, it is worth reading. His plot summaries and reviews are generally two-three lines. Write it like a TV Guide, that's what my dad always says.

    1. Thanks, Metzinger Sisters! I'll check out Halliwell's guide.


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