Essential Items for Classic Movie Reviews

What items help your classic movie review process ? The following items are essential for my process, but please share in the comment section below what you use to create your best classic movie reviews.


Many people are faster at typing than writing with a pen. Since I’ll have to type it eventually, I just cut out the middleman and type the review on my laptop. Also, if the film is especially exciting (or boring) I can begin to search for behind-the-scenes trivia online while still watching the film. I also enjoy the freedom of using a laptop to watch a film anywhere.

I often type the drafts using Microsoft WORD, then copy and paste the sentences onto my blog. I do this with especially long reviews or ones with footnotes. I also type with WORD when access to the internet is limited. At other times, I type directly onto my blog.

2. NOTEPAD AND PEN (occasionally)

When watching the movie at the cinema or enjoying the stage version of a film, I’ll need the pen and paper to capture my thoughts immediately. However, typing handwritten thoughts is a step I would like to avoid as much as possible since I rarely get around to typing anything once I've written it on paper. Typing thoughts onto the computer helps.


Naturally, you'll need the movie to review. However, if I’ve seen a film dozens of times before (you know, the kind of familiar film you can quote in your sleep), I will start to write a review from  memory. Following up with another glance at the film might be in order before publishing the completed review. This is just to make sure I didn't miss anything salient to my point.


We've discussed the many credible online and offline resources which can enhance your review. Gross receipts, back stories, filming dates, what place does the film hold in the trajectory of the actor's career, filming locations, type of vehicle the character drives, interviews with filmmakers, quotes, public domain images, old newspaper articles - any of these might prove useful to your review.  Discover exactly where to find this information here: 15 Classic Movie Review Resources


(a) Inspiration is essential. Let's say you want to try something different on your blog. Other writers can inspire you. They might not write about classic movies or even have an online presence, but you enjoy how they formulate words or the fact that they share resources for further study. Whatever it is, figure out why that writer appeals to you and incorporate some of their writing model into your own.

(b) When facing writer's block, this list of blog ideas comes in handy. Find it here: 100 Classic Movie Blog Ideas.  For the future, start your own list of blog ideas. When frustrated, you can scan some of them. Even if you do not use them, they could be the catalyst for other thoughts.

Of course, when writer's block hits,  you can also free write, which is to think of a topic and just write whatever comes to mind for a couple of pages or for a limited amount of time (Here's an online 25 minute egg timer, if you need it: ). You'll come out with a seed of something blog worthy.

(c) To prevent last minute posts and to always have inspiration, you can use a blogging calendar and map out every topic or movie you want to review in advance. I have used these in the past, and still do for major holidays, but I have yet to discover how best to use the blogging calendar on a weekly basis without feeling bored and confined. [See? There's a blog post right there waiting to happen.]

6. FUN

I don't know about you, but yours truly tends to take things too seriously and wipe the fun right out of it for the reader. I'm so busy trying to get everything right.

Someone recently said, "Do it and then do it right." Meaning start first, then correct as you go. But start. And remember what made you so excited in the first place about the movie you're reviewing.

What are your necessary items for a classic movie review?

For more Classic Movie Blog Tips, click here:TIPS.


  1. I like to look for angles to tell the story, a slant on which to analyze, rather than going over very plot point because people can get that off IMDb. Also, I find chocolate helps in any writing assignment. You offer some great tips.


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