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Being a clumsy idiot, I tripped and sprained my ankle the other day, leading to swelling. After realizing I will not be able to run very fast in an emergency, I remembered James Stewart in a wheelchair fighting off a villain in Hitchcock's REAR WINDOW (1954).

TCM Presents hosted the Hitchcock movie a few weeks ago. I went to see it, loved it, loved the audience, but I didn't bother reviewing it. (Fellow CMBA member Laura did. You may read her review here: Laura's Misc. Musings )

Sometimes you want to enjoy a film as it was intended and leave it at that. No notes. No review. Just appreciate the thrill of geniuses performing on command. I've recently watched a film wherein a photojournalist has trekked thousands of miles to capture the image of the elusive snow leopard on film. When the creature appears, the man doesn't take the photo; he just savors the moment. It's a crazy thing to do to his career, but I understand what prompts this.

As a classic movie blogger, you have enjoyed these films and you want to share that excitement. You realize the tremendous effort that was put into these classic movies, and you want them to be appreciated for the gems that they are.

You pour over pages of old newspapers and countless books, you interview people, you try to showcase the relevance of these films today, try to scrub away the dust of time and say, "Look at what I've found! Isn't this great?" Sometimes you feel you owe it to all those famous and nameless people who have brought you hours of pleasure and information not to allow their work to be forgotten.

But sometimes you need to just sit back in awe and let the film take you through its paces. Remember why you like these films in the first place and just enjoy. It'll make for better reviews later if you relax a little more instead of trying so hard to dot every "i" and cross every"t" and take these films so seriously you knock the fun out of it for yourself and your audience.

That's why I didn't review Rear Window. It's a great film. So great this reviewer just watched it and nothing more.

What films have you enjoyed and never bothered to review?


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