Hesitate Reviewing a Famous Film?

Do you ever hesitate reviewing a famous movie just because you don't believe you can add anything to the conversation? If you're simply echoing someone else's writing, your piece is superfluous.

That's the constant challenge for online classic movie critics, historians and reviewers - finding a new perspective to old movies.

Sometimes you feel as if your reviews are the broth made from the soup bones of the decimated old films that everyone else has already picked over.

For these reasons, Java's Journey has yet to review the classics that everyone knows. There are scores of retrospectives about Gone with the Wind, but as of today, you won't find them here. The Journey has barely made mention of the superb Casablanca; has only dabbled into the  nooks and crannies of Singin' in the Rain, but never bothered with a full review.

To feel worthy of mentioning West Side Story, Java came up with a different angle that isn't much discussed on the web - the difference in viewing the film on the small screen versus the big screen. And she committed to a two part series comparing The Wizard of Oz to The Wiz to find something that had not been said about either of those two classic movies (at least not on the web).

So what's the answer? Trudge ahead anyway. Read more, view more, speak to more people about it and eventually you'll find an angle that not only informs the reader but interests you as well. As time goes on and fewer people know these old films, your corner of the internet will prove massively valuable. So keep plugging.


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