Debbie Reynolds invests in a new film studio

MGM star, Debbie Reynolds has recently said this on her Facebook page,
"My family is opening a studio at our ranch in San Luis Obispo headed by my son Todd."
Todd Fisher is the son of Reynolds and crooner Eddie Fisher. He seeks to produce films in the classic studio way - in that you'd have everything you need ready to go, instead of the current Hollywood model where you're starting for scratch every time.

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  1. Didn't Francis Ford Coppola try something along those lines with Zoetrope? I like the concept and hope it works, but something like this, shooting in SLO, understandably draws skepticism. But hey, I'm currently working on some scripts, and who knows? Perhaps one of them could be filmed there someday.

    1. VP81955,

      What kinds of scripts are you working on, if I may ask? Sounds intriguing. A period piece? Anything Lombard related?


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