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Over the past few weeks, yours truly has gathered the internet version of classic movie newspaper and magazine clippings and sorted them into categories by decade. In the 1930s section, you'll find news of a young Judy Garland at a fraternity and Mary Pickford directing. In the 1940s, Ruby Dee is on Broadway.  In the 1950s, We catch up with Marilyn Monroe's roommate, Ann Baxter rebels against social mores, Montgomery Clift baffles Hollywood and Tyrone Power marries for the third time.  In the 1960s, Rita Moreno discusses her career, Ginger Rogers dislikes the latest dance craze, Marilyn Monroe has surgery.
In the 1970s, Ann Blyth renews vows and Jane Powell's career takes a new direction.
In the 1980s, DiMaggio stops sending flowers to Marilyn Monroe's grave and Howard Keel makes a comeback.

As we discover more, these archives will be updated. Enjoy!


  1. Fun clips. Like going through a time machine, isn't it?

  2. Yes! And a treasure trove of endless fascination.


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