Classic Fashion in Later Times

The more things change the more they stay the same. Even fashion-wise

The peplum skirt has made a comeback. On the left, Judy Garland wears a dress with peplum for the film The Clock in 1945. On the right, a pattern for a peplum blouse or skirted blouse from the 1960s. In the middle, peplum on the skirt, peplum on the blouse and peplum dress from runways of today.

Overalls were always functional. Deanna Durbin's tailored overalls with puffed sleeves on the right is comfortably stylish. And people still wear them around the house.

On the left, a publicity still of Tom Cruise for the film Top Gun in 1986. On the right, an anonymous riveter in 1942. Rolled up sleeves and a crew cut seem to be a timeless, work-a-day style.

People have basically worn different combination of the same thing for the past century. I wonder what styles will look like in movies in the coming hundred years.


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