Monsieur Beaucaire (1946) - Bob Hope vs.King Louis

The king of France and his barber like the same woman - a chamber maid.  The king and a duke also like the same woman - the king's mistress.

The barber and the duke hightail it out of town before someone gets the axe. Through movie plotting, they are mistaken for each other just as the duke (Patric Knowles) must marry the princess of Spain. This means the barber (Bob Hope), pretending to be an aristocrat, could ruin everything.

Monsieur Beaucaire (1946) is a sumptuous costume comedy ripe for 20th century, fourth-wall breaking and humorous one-liners.

Too bad it's not in color. I'm dying to know the color of Madame Pompadour's gown.

If you like Bob Hope, you'll like this movie. It's a good one to have in your collection. However, for a more exciting Bob Hope period comedy (with Basil Rathbone and Joan Fontaine), watch Casanova's Big Night (1954).


  1. This movie looks gorgeous! I can't believe a Bob Hope movie looks so sumptuous.

    I agree with you - it really would be something in colour.

  2. Yep. By this time, Bob Hope was a megastar. Budgets through the roof. Unfortunately, it doesn't show as well in black and white. Oh well... :) It's still a good time waster.


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