Edith Head's Birthday Tribute from Google Doodle

Edith Head, famed movie studio costume designer with a record-setting number of Academy Award wins, has a birthday today and Google remembers the artist with a Doodle.

Though there have been news items about the Google Doodle,  yours truly hasn't found an article that discusses the outfits that Google has chosen to display.

The Doodle is of six illustrations of the designer's costumes parading in a line while a drawing of the woman herself stands in the foreground in her trademark pencil skirt suit and glasses.

From left to right:

1. Outfit: White strapless gown with yards of skirt
| Movie: A Place in the Sun (1951)
| Actress Who Wears the Costume: Elizabeth Taylor
| One Costume Factoid: Started a trend of puffy ballgowns and prom dresses for females everywhere

2. Outfit: Red, floor-length gown with matching overlay lined in white fur with matching muff  |Movie: White Christmas (1954) 
|Actress Who Wears the Costume: Vera-Ellen
|One Costume Factoid: It's the finale dress.

3. Outfit: Canary yellow cocktail dress and coat 

|Movie: Sex and the Single Girl (1964)
|Actress Who Wears the Costume: Natalie Wood
|One Costume Factoid: After an accident on a movie set in which her broken wrist was left untreated, Natalie Wood preferred to cover her left wrist, usually with bracelets or gloves, to hide a slight protrusion.

4.  Outfit: Ice cool blue, one-shoulder ballgown
|Movie: To Catch a Thief (1955)  
|Actress Who Wears the Costume: Grace Kelly 
|One Costume Factoid: It is said to symbolize the character's aloofness since she has no dialogue while wearing the dress.

5.  Outfit:  Green pencil skirt suit 
|Movie: The Birds (1963)
|Actress Who Wears the Costume: Tippi Hedren 
|One Costume Factoid:  Edith Head's insistence on simplicity means the suit ages well; there's little trendiness to make the suit dated

6.  Outfit: Red, off-the-shoulder period dress with tassels

|Movie: Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (1957) 
|Actress Who Wears the Costume: Jo Van Fleet  
|One Costume Factoid: Edith Head was not nominated for an Academy Award for costume design for Gunfight. Instead, she received a nomination with Hubert de Givenchy for another movie released in the same year - Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn.

It's great to see people from classic filmdom still getting recognition.



  1. Thank you for posting this, it was so lovely to see her honoured by Google and to know the specifics as I didn't recognise all of the sketches.

  2. I was so excited to see this although, admittedly, I didn't guess all the costumes/movies at first. I had to do some online searching...

    Happy belated birthday, Edith!

  3. I didn't guess all of them at first either. That's why I had to dig in and make a space on the internet to interpret this Google Doodle. Someone is a big classic movies fan at Google; that makes me happy. :)


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