9 More Autumn-Themed Classic Movies: Campus Edition

Summer is cooling off. It's time to sip a cup of cider and relax with one of these autumn-themed classic movies. Last time, we made a general list of classic movies for fall. This time, we're going back to school. Not much studying goes on in any of these films, but they are fun to watch. Enjoy!

The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer (1947) - Shirley Temple plays a high school student who becomes infatuated with an older man (Cary Grant)! They date at high school basketball games and soda fountains, upsetting her former boyfriend.
Best Foot Forward
Best Foot Forward (1943) - To boost her career, a movie star (Lucille Ball) agrees to attend a dance at Winsocki Military Academy. The cadets' girlfriends are not amused.

College Swing (1938) - To keep a university in the family, Gracie Alden (Gracie Allen) must pass an entrance exam. This Paramount musical showcases a great many of the studio's comedy stars while cashing in on the swing craze. Bob Hope is on hand with the one-liners and Betty Grable makes an appearance.

Girl Crazy (1943) -  A student (Mickey Rooney) is sent to an all-male college in the desert to dampen his insatiable appetite for females. Things do not go as planned with the dean's granddaughter (Judy Garland) around.

Daddy Long Legs - Leslie Caron as an American freshman
Daddy Long Legs (1955) - A wealthy patron (Fred Astaire) sends a French orphan (Leslie Caron) to college in the U.S. Based loosely on the Jean Webster novel, this musical is at turns funny and poignant.

Mr. Belvedere Goes to College (1949)- Clifton Webb returns as renaissance man Lynn Belvedere who decides to earn a four-year degree in one year. The uptight Belvedere is a fish-out-of-water as campus shenanigans try his patience. Shirley Temple and Tom Drake are on hand as well.

The Nutty Professor (1963) - Jerry Lewis' cinematic magnum opus. Socially-awkward professor Julius Kelp invents and drinks a liquid formula to help shy guys interact with people. What follows is a comedic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Take Her, She's Mine (1963) -  Legendary screenwriter Nora Ephron is supposedly the inspiration for this comedy written by her parents Phoebe and Henry Ephron, originally for a play. The film follows a college-age daughter (Sandra Dee) who constantly finds trouble. James Stewart stars as her anxious father bailing her out of protests, sit-ins, possible expulsion,etc.

Vivacious Lady (1938) - A university professor marries a vivacious nightclub performer. Will they fit into each other's world, or will the new wife's antics get him fired? James Stewart and Ginger Rogers star in this comedy.

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  1. My favorites of these are Take Her, She's Mine, Mr. Belvedere Goes To College (I love anything with Clifton Webb!), and Daddy Long Legs! I also have to admit I have a soft spot for Good News, which is mostly because of the Busby Berkeley number Navajo Rag at the end -- good stuff!!


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