7 1/2 Labor Day Movies

Ah! The vacation day that celebrates work. Here is a list of job-centered classic movies for Labor Day. Enjoy!
  1. Bedtime Story (1941) - Loretta Young and Fredric March star as a married couple -an actress and playwright- who disagree about whether to retire from the theater or continue working. Tensions fly in this romantic comedy.
  2. Double Indemnity (1944) - An insurance salesman (Fred MacMurray) becomes involved in killing a woman's (Barbara Stanwyck) husband for cash. It's a story of murder, but also a story of a worker's ethics. 
  3. I Can Get it for You Wholesale (1951) - Susan Hayward is an ambitious worker in a fashion house who claws her way to the top of her profession. Now she must choose between labor and love.
  4. More than a Secretary (1936) - The owner of a secretarial school (Jean Arthur) pretends to be one of her own students to land a job and marry her new boss. It's all very Thoroughly Modern Millie-ish, except it's not.
  5. Neptune's Daughter (1949) - In this musical, Esther Williams plays a champion swimmer who starts her own swimsuit company. There is even a tour of her factory.
  6. On the Waterfront (1954) - A longshoreman, played by Marlon Brando, challenges his union bosses.
  7. The Pajama Game (1957) - An employee representative at a textile factory butts heads with the superintendent over a seven and one-half cent raise. They are also dating, which complicates things.This is one of the most famous union- themed musicals. Originally on Broadway, this film brings many of the stage cast with it and places box office draw, Doris Day, in the lead female role.

   7 1/2. The Admiral was a Lady (1950) -   Let's toss an extra one in here. This comedy follows a   group of guys who try everything not to do traditional work. The schemes they come up with take just as much time as a regular job. Edmond O'Brien stars as the ring leader of this over-grown boys club.

What are your favorite job-centered classic movies?


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