A Little Summer Housekeeping


There have been a few minor decor changes at Java's Journey, a little shuffling of the furniture, for easier access to information. This may also be of help to some of our newest followers as they navigate the site.

 1. Java's Journey has noticed that many people enjoy flipping through reviews by genre. To wit, new directories up top and on the sidebar which take you directly to all reviews in comedy, drama, westerns, film fashion or musicals. There is also a directory of seasonal or holiday movie lists, which feature such popular articles as 12 Classic Movies for Summer.

It's the same thing as Blogger's labels (which are still appended to each blog post), but instead of words there is an image to click on. You will also find genre labels and other labels in the Archives.

2. All "follow me" type buttons have been consolidated and squeezed into the top right corner of the sidebar under "Join Java's Journey." This is to cut down on the length of the sidebar and the visual disorganization. (Why haven't we done this sooner?) Over there you'll find the buttons for following Java's Journey by RSS, by email, by Google Friend Connect, on Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter and GooglePlus.

I've only just discovered that my blog is also mentioned on Bloglovin,' so there is a button for that as well.

I'm just keeping you abreast of what's going on.




  1. I like how you've re-organized your site. Very easy to navigate.

  2. Hey, Java!
    Thanks for giving us some tips on the new layout. You guys are getting such fancy blogs with such clever little features. Feel like my place is a rotary phone in a world of digital ones. ha ha

  3. Thank you both for the feedback.

    I see stuff on other blogs and websites that I like then I research how to do it. The learning curve is often steep, but ultimately worth it.

    Thanks for dropping by.



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